The 10 Best Wine Bars In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a popular niche of well-renowned bars that shower guests with an assortment of wine flavors. We have listed ten of the best wine bars.

The six wine shifts affecting Asia

Wine Intelligence Research Director Chuan Zhou reflects on his recent experience at Vinexpo Hong Kong where he presented on future trends for wine in key Asian markets In the world of wine, the 21 st century has been characterised by a shift in the consumption patterns.

The World's Biggest Wine Drinkers in 2017 | MoveHub

We decided to revisit our Wine Consumption Study from last year to see how the world's spending on wine has altered. In light of the recent warnings of a wine shortage in 2018, we wanted to know which countries depend on wine the most.

Global Alcohol Consumption Up In 2017, But U.S. 2018 Wine Exports Uncertain

An increase in 2017 global wine consumption is good news, but trade wars may hurt U.S. wine exports to Europe and Canada in 2018.

Vinexpo: China and US will drive global wine consumption

World wine consumption is set to reach a record global value of $224.5 billion by 2021, driven by the US and China, according to a joint report by Vinexpo and IWSR.