On the front lines in Syria, US troops face NATO ally's wrath

Soldiers posted at front-line outpost outside the Syrian town of Manbij find themselves caught between an ally's wishes and the mission to fight ISIS.

John Cary: How architecture can create dignity for all

If architect and writer John Cary has his way, women will never need to stand in pointlessly long bathroom lines again. Lines like these are representative of a more serious issue, Cary says: the lack of diversity in design that leads to thoughtless, compassionless spaces. Design has a unique ability to dignify and make people feel valued, respected, honored and seen -- but the flip side is also true. Cary calls for architects and designers to expand their ranks and commit to serving the public good, not just the privileged few. "Well-designed spaces are not just a matter of taste or a questions of aesthetics," he says. "They literally shape our ideas about who we are in the world and what we deserve." And we all deserve better.

Kiko Reacts | My Young Guitar Perfomance 2001

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